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Machined parts ship in 3 days, order your metal & plastic parts today. Contact us now

Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival and pray for good health.


There is a company called Longsheng Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. in the center of Dongguan, which has strong development momentum. This company not only prides itself on its quality products, but also values ​​its employees. The company held a Dragon Boat Festival themed event of “Love Dragon Boat Festival and Happy Zong Dumpling” on June 8. The company unlocks and spreads the Dragon Boat Festival culture by sending gifts, further enhancing the sense of national identity and cultural confidence, and deepening the feelings of family and country. Next, let’s experience the joyful time of Longsheng Technology Dragon Boat Festival together!

Dragon Boat Festival welfare

Dongguan Longsheng Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the corporate culture of “people-oriented, caring for employees”. The company held a warm and far-reaching Dragon Boat Festival welfare distribution event on June 8 to convey deep holiday blessings and deep feelings to all employees. of humanistic care. “In this festival full of traditional cultural charm, Dongguan Longsheng Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. hopes that through these small gifts, everyone will not only feel the beauty of the Dragon Boat Festival customs, but also appreciate the warmth of the company’s extended family and care for all employees , express our gratitude to our employees for their hard work.”

Dragon Boat Festival welfare

Later, the person in charge of the company personally distributed exquisite Dragon Boat Festival gift boxes to each employee. The gift boxes contained various flavors of rice dumplings, from traditional bean paste and bacon to innovative candied dates and fruit flavors to meet the taste preferences of different employees.
At the event, employees’ faces were filled with happy smiles. Many people took photos after receiving the benefits and shared their joy and the company’s warmth through social media. The new employee said: “This is my first Dragon Boat Festival since I joined Dongguan Longsheng Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. I didn’t expect to receive such a thoughtful gift. It’s really a surprise and it makes me more determined to work hard here. Determination”.

Dragon Boat Festival welfare

Notice of holidays

There will be a total of 3 days from June 8 (Saturday) to June 10 (Monday), 2024, of which June 10 is the Dragon Boat Festival statutory holiday. Return to work as normal on June 11th.

Origin Of Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the Duanyang Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Chongwu Festival, Tianzhong Festival, etc., is a major folk festival that integrates worshiping gods and ancestors, praying for blessings and warding off evil spirits, celebrating entertainment and eating. It has a history of more than 2,000 years. In 2009, UNESCO officially approved the inclusion of the Dragon Boat Festival in the Representative List of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage, becoming the first Chinese festival to be selected as a world intangible cultural heritage.

There are many theories about the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, among which the commemoration of Qu Yuan has the most widespread influence.
In 278 BC, the Qin army captured the capital of Chu. Seeing his motherland being invaded, Qu Yuan was heartbroken and threw himself into the Miluo River on May 5th. After Qu Yuan’s death, the people of Chu State were extremely sad and flocked to the Miluo River to pay their respects to Qu Yuan. This became the custom of dragon boat racing and eating rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival.

Dragon Boat Festival welfare

Dragon Boat Festival Customs

Wear A Sachet

It is one of the traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festival, symbolizing all the best and family harmony.

Eat Zongzi

Zongzi is the representative food of the Dragon Boat Festival. Eating Zongzi can clear away heat, relieve troubles, and help the spleen and appetite.

Picking Mugwort Leaves

“Putting mugwort on the Dragon Boat Festival.” Picking and hanging mugwort on the Dragon Boat Festival is intended to drive away demons and protect the homeland.

Dragon Boat Race

Qu Yuan threw himself into the river with hatred. The people of Chu State were reluctant to bear the death of their virtuous minister Qu Yuan, so many people rowed boats to chase and rescue him. This was the origin of dragon boat racing. From then on, dragon boat racing became one of the most traditional customs of the Dragon Boat Festival.

company culture

This Dragon Boat Festival welfare distribution is not only a tribute to traditional culture, but also an important manifestation of Dongguan Longsheng Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.’s commitment to building a harmonious working environment and strengthening corporate culture. The company always believes that employees are the company’s most valuable asset. Organizing such activities can not only enhance team cohesion, but also stimulate employees’ work enthusiasm and creativity, and jointly promote the company to move towards higher and further goals.

Group photo of Longsheng employees

About Longsheng

Dongguan Longsheng Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.’s main business includes CNC machining and injection molding, sheet metal processing, 3D printing, spring manufacturing and small batch production, etc., providing customers with professional processing suggestions and manufacturing hardware parts that meet customer requirements. We are not only suppliers to many large foreign factories in China, but also provide professional and effective services and advice to overseas customers.Since its establishment, our company has focused on the professional production of technical accessories.

We are mainly engaged in various household appliance appearance, auto parts, medical device accessories and internal structure model production/rapid prototyping/aluminum and aluminum alloy parts/small batch and mass production to provide customers with a full range of services from hand-made prototypes to mass production.The main production equipment includes CNC machining centers, and auxiliary equipment includes lathes, milling machines, sandblasting machines, engraving machines, etc.

We are experts in making your product a perfect finish. In addition to professional advice and production, we also provide all surface treatments to enhance the aesthetic appearance of your products. Surface treatments include smooth, polished, spray-painted, sandblasted, anodized, electroplated, silk screen, and laser etching. Products can be plated with zinc, chromium, nickel, aluminum and other metals. There are many other services available and you can create any product you want. Our company is committed to providing the best parts to the market through quality assurance, and has won praise in the market for its high quality and accurate delivery time. Ensure data security for each project during the manufacturing process.

In fact, Longsheng Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. is not just a company that produces high-quality hardware; it attaches great importance to human resources and the importance of people-oriented, and the company can see the silent efforts behind each employee. Today’s celebration reflects the company’s full care and love for its employees, making everyone present feel the warmth of the company. The heart is like glutinous rice, the stickier and tighter it becomes; love is like rice dumpling leaves, the more cooked, the more fragrant and fragrant they become. Every employee’s efforts are worthy of recognition. In the big family of Longsheng, you are very important!

Finally, Longsheng Technology wishes you a healthy Dragon Boat Festival and a happy family!


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