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Alodine is a brand name for a class of chemical conversion coatings used to provide corrosion protection and enhance the adhesion of paint or other coatings on various metal surfaces, particularly aluminum and its alloys.

Alodine Specifications

Materials Colors Thickness Texture
Aluminum True qualities, clear, gold 0.2-1.5 µm Same as before

Example Of A Alodine Parts

Alodine Parts
Detail drawing of Alodin parts

About Alodine(Chromate Conversion Coating)

Alodine, commonly referred to as a chemical conversion coating or chromate conversion coating, is a chemical coating used to passivate and protect aluminum from corrosion. It can also serve as a primer for parts before the application of paint. 

This protective layer is much thinner than anodizing coatings. While both are formed by immersing parts in a solution, Alodine is a simpler chemical coating and does not require the involvement of an electrical current.

The primary purposes of Alodine are to provide corrosion protection, enhance adhesion, and improve appearance. This makes it very useful in aerospace, automotive, and other industrial applications, especially when aluminum parts need protection.

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