Machined parts ship in 3 days, order your metal & plastic parts today. Contact us now

Machined parts ship in 3 days, order your metal & plastic parts today. Contact us now

Rapid Prototyping Services

By offering minimal cost solutions, your services make it more accessible for startups and businesses with limited budgets to create high-quality prototypes. This can help foster innovation and entrepreneurship.

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High Quality Rapid Prototyping Machining

Rapid prototyping enables designers to validate their concepts and designs before committing to full-scale production. When choosing Longsheng, customers have the method to choose the most suitable one for their project needs. Whether it’s 3D printing, CNC machining, or other technologies.

Why Choose Us For Rapid Prototyping Services

Longsheng provides customers around the world with excellent quality, fast turnover, and cost-effective rapid prototyping services.


We are flexible for one-off prototypes and low-volume parts. No matter the size of your order, we can handle it.

Manufacturing Capabilities

We provide and support a wide range of manufacturing capabilities in CNC machining, injection molding.

Consistent High Quality

We use high-quality materials and maintain a high level of process stability to ensure component delivery capability.

Rapid Turnaround

Our capabilities enable us to complete your rapid prototyping project within 3 days.

LongSheng Rapid Prototyping Capabilities

cnc machining

Rapid CNC Machining

Rapid CNC machining is particularly suitable for rapid prototyping of plastic and metal parts. We can manufacture all the prototypes you need through CNC machining technology and complete your rapid prototype in 3 days.

Type Tolerance
Linear dimension +/- 0.025 mm (+/- 0.001 inch)
Hole diameters +/- 0.025 mm (+/- 0.001 inch)
Shaft diameters +/- 0.025 mm (+/- 0.001 inch)
Part size limit 950 * 550 * 480 mm(37.0 * 21.5 * 18.5 inch)
3d printing

Rapid 3D Printing

Longsheng company’s most advanced SLA, SLS, FDM and other 3D printing technology. With efficient production capacity and simplified processes, we can guarantee you custom parts in as little as 1 day.

Capabilities Tolerance
Min. wall thickness +/- 1.0 mm
Layer height 50 – 300 μm
Max. build size 600 * 600 * 600 mm
Tolerance +/- 0.05 mm
injection molding

Rapid Injection Molding

Our rapid injection molding is ideal for the production of small batches of molds and large quantities of plastic parts to create products that make your brand unique.

Capabilities Tolerance
Mold cavity tolerances +/- 0.05 mm
Standard lead time 10 business days or less
Part to part repeatability +/- 0.01 mm
Production grade 1-100,000 cycles
sheet metal fabrication

Rapid Sheet Metal Fabrication

Longsheng’s rapid sheet metal fabrication services enable the efficient production of metal parts. The combination of advanced equipment and in-house production ensures fast delivery and strict quality standards.

Type Tolerance
Bend edge straightness +/- 0.2 mm
Edge to edge, single side +/- 0.01 mm
Bend angle +/- 1°
Hole to hole, single side +/- 0.1 mm

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Materials for Rapid Prototyping

Longsheng can source any other material on request for prototyping and production runs of custom parts. If you have special material needs, please contact us to provide you with a reliable solution.

Aluminum CNC parts


Offers excellent machinability, high strength-to-weight ratio, and superior corrosion resistance, making it perfect for lightweight, durable machined parts.


Copper displays excellent thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and plasticity. It is also highly ductile, corrosion resistant and can be easily welded.

Brass CNC parts


Brass has desirable properties for a number of applications. It is low friction, has excellent electrical conductivity and has a golden (brass) appearance.

Stainless steel CNC parts

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel offers superior corrosion resistance, high strength, excellent toughness and ease of fabrication, ideal for demanding machining operations.

Titanium CNC parts


Titanium It’s a metal with excellent strength-to-weight ratio, low thermal expansion, high corrosion resistance; sterilizable and biocompatible for machining.

Plastic CNC parts


Plastics are also very popular option for CNC machining because of its wide choices, relatively lower price, and significantly faster machining time needed.

Types of rapid prototype

Rapid prototyping is a tool widely used in various industries, providing a variety of technology and material choices to meet different needs. This process also includes various types of prototypes.

This prototype is used to validate the feasibility and feasibility of product concepts. They are usually not the final product version, but can be used to test basic concepts and technologies.

Functional prototypes are used to test the performance, working principle, and operability of a product. They can simulate the basic functions of a product, helping development teams identify potential problems and improve design.

A display prototype is a type of prototype that focuses on appearance and appearance, usually produced by engineers or designers to make it as close to the appearance of the final product as possible.

Pre production prototypes are usually the final prototypes made before the product is put into actual production. These prototypes are used to validate batch manufacturing processes and ensure that the manufacturing of the final product can proceed as planned.

From Rapid Prototyping to Production

Are you looking for professional rapid prototyping services to assist in product development? Longsheng provides high-quality and fast prototyping services to help customers transform creativity and concepts into actual product prototypes. We have advanced technology and an expert team that can quickly manufacture prototypes and accelerate the product development process.

Rapid prototyping completed within 3 days

No longer waiting, no longer delaying, compared to traditional production methods, our rapid prototyping service is more cost-effective, taking only 3 days to quickly turn your ideas from concept to reality. Our engineering team and technical equipment ensure that your prototype meets the highest standards in appearance and performance.

Customer Satisfaction Evaluation

Listen to our customers’ voices! We have received praise and satisfactory evaluations from many customers.They highly recognize our professional services and high-quality results.

Our CNC Machining for Various Industrial Applications

Crossing numerous industries, Longsheng uses highly advanced technology, from prototype production to on-demand manufacturing, and then to large-scale production, to ensure the excellent quality and reliable performance of parts, ensuring the success of your project.

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