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Machined parts ship in 3 days, order your metal & plastic parts today. Contact us now

Colored Zinc Plating Service

We can choose different colors and effects according to needs, making the product have good aesthetics and adapt to different designs and uses.

Colored Zinc Plating Specifications

Project Info
Applied materials Cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, iron plate
Color coating type Polyester, Polyurethane, PVDF
Colors Yellow, gold, clear, blue, black, green, RAL color card or custom colors
Galvanized layer thickness 20-50µm
Coating thickness 5-15µm
Texture Bright, matte
Corrosion resistance Comply with ASTM, ISO, or customer specifications
Application industry Buildings, automotive parts, household appliances, billboards, etc

Example Of A Colored Zinc Plating Parts

colored zinc plating parts
Detail drawing of colored zinc plating parts

About Colored Zinc Plating

Color zinc plating , which is also known as color galvanization, color zinc plating is a process of zinc plating metal parts and covering them with a layer of color coating. This process combines zinc plating and color coating, with dual functions of corrosion prevention and decoration.

Usually, color zinc plating adopts the process of hot dip galvanizing, which is a method of immersing metal parts into molten zinc to form a uniform zinc coating. Then, different colors can be achieved by applying different coatings or pigments to the zinc coating. These pigments can be powder coatings, liquid coatings, or other types of pigments.

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