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Machined parts ship in 3 days, order your metal & plastic parts today. Contact us now

Black Oxide Services

We provide black oxide coatings to improve the appearance of metal surfaces, reduce reflection, improve corrosion resistance, and improve the lubrication of metal parts.

Black Oxide Specifications

Project Info
Applicable materials Steel, stainless steel, copper
Colors Black
Texture Smooth black, shiny black, matte black
Thickness 0.5-25μm
Protective coating (optional) Oil immersion, sealing or other additional coatings
Application industry Tools, automotive parts, fasteners, and decorative items

Example Of A Black Oxide Parts

black oxide part
Detail drawing of black oxide parts

About Black Oxide

Black oxide, also known as blackening (similar to Alodine) , is a chemical conversion coating used to provide a layer of black corrosion protection on various types of metal surfaces, particularly steel and iron.

The process of black oxide involves immersing parts in a hot bath containing various chemicals to convert the surface of the material into magnetite, thereby forming a black oxide layer. This process will not have a significant impact on the size of the parts, so there is no need for special steps to cover or cover the parts.

In addition, the black oxide immersed in oil can provide higher corrosion resistance. Because after the black oxide, a layer of oil film is usually applied, which helps to provide additional corrosion protection and reduce contact between the metal surface and the external environment.

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