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Aluminum CNC Machining Parts: How to Ensure Accuracy And Stability


CNC, or computer numerical control, is an indispensable tool in modern manufacturing. The use of CNC technology, can achieve high precision machining parts, greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality, among them, aluminum CNC machining parts is the most widely used one

The characteristics of aluminum make it a very suitable material for CNC machining, and the process of aluminum CNC machining is very simple. It uses a computer controlled rotary tool to cut excess material to obtain the desired shape and size. But even in such a basic process, there are many factors that will affect the accuracy and stability of the workpiece, Longsheng technology website this blog will discuss how to ensure the accuracy and stability of aluminum CNC parts from the design, material selection, process flow and other aspects, so that your CNC machining more quickly and accurately

Aluminum CNC Machining Parts
Milling metalworking process. Industrial CNC machining of metal detail by cutting end-tooth vertical mill at factory. Coolant

An effective method of ensuring accurate and stable manufacturing

Precision and stability are two factors that must be considered in the manufacturing of aluminum CNC machining parts. The following Longsheng technology will tell from four aspects to ensure that aluminum cnc machining parts accurate and stable manufacturing methods

Design aspect

Design is one of the most important factors affecting the accuracy and stability of aluminum CNC parts. In the design process, the following points need to be considered:

Virtual simulation

Before CNC machining, we can first carry out machining simulation through virtual simulation, so as to find potential problems and make improvements to avoid errors in the process of machining.

The design should be fully in accordance with the CAD drawings

CAD drawings can be adjusted during the design process according to different tasks and different needs, such as size, shape and Angle, but we must ensure that the final CAD drawings match the real thing exactly. In this way, we can use CNC machine to process more easily, to ensure the precision and accuracy of parts.

Consider the physical properties of the aluminum material

During the design process, different properties of materials, such as hardness, density and thermal conductivity, need to be considered. Aluminum has light weight, high strength and good mechanical properties. At the same time, its density is lower than that of steel, which makes aluminum products have higher specific strength and specific stiffness. In addition, aluminum has high corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity, which makes it widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, medical instruments and other fields.

Reduce thermal deformation

In the process of machining high precision aluminum CNC parts, it is necessary to reduce thermal deformation effectively. This can be done by reducing the cutting amount of the tool, or by using low speed and high precision cutting during machining.

Material selection

Aluminum alloy is a commonly used material, because of its light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance and other characteristics, is widely used in aviation, automobile, equipment, construction, decoration and other fields. When choosing materials, you need to consider the following:

Hard material

The hardness of the aluminum material can be selected to make the parts more durable. By choosing high hardness aluminum products, we can increase the durability and reliability of parts.

Prestressed aluminum sheet

When machining high-precision aluminum CNC parts, the selection of prestressed aluminum plate can effectively reduce deformation, so as to improve the accuracy and stability of the parts.

High temperature resistant material

In high temperature environments, design and material selection need to consider application requirements beyond normal operating conditions. Aluminum products can be selected by high temperature resistant aluminum alloy material, to achieve high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

Light weight material

The light weight of aluminum reduces the overall weight of the part and allows for better consideration of the installation and handling characteristics of the part during the design process. Therefore, in the need for lightweight design of various industries, aluminum products are the better choice.

Technical process aspect

Aluminum CNC machining parts need to follow the appropriate process flow to ensure high quality and precision parts production. Here are a few steps to look for:

Before CNC processing, materials need to be pre-treated, such as annealing, pickling and so on. This can avoid defects such as spots, oxidation and bubbles on the surface of the material.

Select the correct CNC machine tool

Selecting the right CNC machine tool is very important for parts production. A good CNC machine can ensure the precision and accuracy of the parts. In addition, aluminum materials and different CAD drawings need to be equipped with different CNC machine tools.

Choose the right tool

It is very important to choose the right cutting tool for aluminum CNC machining. If the use of tools not suitable for aluminum material machining, it may lead to a loss of accuracy and quality. As a result, manufacturers need to select tools specifically designed to process aluminum materials. These tools usually have the following characteristics:

• High speed drill bits: High speed drill bits are mainly used for drilling aluminum. Using a high speed drill ensures the accuracy and quality of the hole.

• Precision milling cutters: Precision milling cutters are commonly used to process aluminum alloy materials. They have high-speed cutting capability and high precision to ensure surface quality and accuracy of parts.

• Special cutting fluids: The use of special cutting fluids removes heat from the cutting process, thereby reducing the temperature of the cutting process. This helps ensure stability and accuracy during processing.

Properly handle the work surface

Good surface treatment can improve the surface quality and precision of aluminum CNC machining parts. Properly treated surfaces can eliminate possible scratches and other blemishes. Surface treatment methods include grinding, polishing and spraying.

Conduct quality inspection

Finally, after the parts are finished, you need to do quality testing. Using computer numerical control (CNC) machining technology can ensure that your parts are accurate to a few decimal places, but you will need to perform further testing to ensure that the numbers are accurate

CNC machining manufacturer technical aspects

For some fields, such as medical devices, the company system must meet certain technical requirements. This includes:

Select the right CNC machining center

In CNC processing of aluminum materials, the first need to choose the correct CNC machining center. The task is not so easy. Generally speaking, CNC machining centers suitable for processing aluminum parts should have the following characteristics:

• High speed and high precision spindle: A good CNC machining center should have high speed and high precision spindle, which can ensure the accuracy and quality of aluminum materials when being processed.

• Large-scale processing capacity: When CNC processes aluminum parts, it requires large-scale processing capacity, so as to ensure that the aluminum parts produced can meet customer requirements.

• The latest CNC control system: The latest CNC control system can ensure the accuracy and stability of the machining process. It ensures that the position and trajectory of the aluminum material can be strictly controlled throughout the machining process, thus ensuring the accuracy and stability of the parts.

The company is based on ISO 9001 certification

Every aspect of the company is in full compliance with ISO 9001 certification requirements, including product design, production, installation and commissioning, and other quality management requirements. This is a key measure to ensure the quality and stability of parts.

It is capable of mass production

Aluminum CNC machined parts need to ensure consistent quality and quantity during production, so manufacturers with mass production capabilities can better respond to the needs and sizes of different industries.

advantages of aluminum CNC machining parts

The advantages of aluminum CNC machining parts

CNC processing of aluminum products is a reliable and efficient production method. Compared with manual processing, CNC machining has higher accuracy, lower production cost, faster production speed and higher production efficiency. When choosing to manufacture aluminum products, CNC machining is a choice worth considering. Here are some of its advantages:

Lightweight materials: Compared with other traditional materials, aluminum alloy materials are lightweight, and aluminum CNC machining parts are lighter, more suitable for manufacturing large parts, such as aircraft parts.

High quality: Compared with traditional processing methods, aluminum CNC machining parts quality is more stable and reliable. Because CNC machining uses a computer system to control the machining, it can ensure the accuracy of each part.

Strong corrosion resistance: aluminum alloy has its own strong corrosion resistance characteristics, in the process of parts manufacturing, there is no need for special anti-corrosion treatment, but also not easy to rust, maintenance free.

Good thermal conductivity: Aluminum alloy has good thermal conductivity, which makes CNC machining parts manufacturing more convenient.

Strong plasticity: Aluminum alloy is easy to process and has good plasticity, which makes aluminum CNC machining parts can produce complex shape parts.

High efficiency: CNC machining can be fully automated complex processing technology, improve production efficiency.

High precision: CNC machining precision is very high, can meet the high precision parts manufacturing needs.

Cost saving: although the initial investment cost is high, but with the development of technology, the cost of CNC machining system is getting lower and lower, which may be the inevitable trend to replace the traditional processing mode in the future.

High flexibility: CNC machining can complete different preset tasks under different materials/working conditions.

Aluminum CNC machining parts applicable scenarios

Aluminum materials are widely used in various fields, such as automobiles, aviation, electronics, military and so on, because of their lightness, tenacity and thermal conductivity.

Application scenario of aluminum CNC machining parts:

Lightweight structure: Aluminum alloy is a light, strong, stable material, ideal for making lightweight structures. For example, aerospace, racing, cycling, and other areas that require optimal performance.

Precision parts: Aluminum CNC machining enables the manufacture of highly precise parts. Compared to other traditional machining methods, aluminum CNC machining can be accurate to a few microns while maintaining the integrity of the parts.

Personalized design: Aluminum CNC machining can achieve a variety of shapes and designs, can fully meet the personalized needs of customers. At the same time, CNC machining parts of very high quality, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the final product.

Aluminum CNC machining parts for the industry

Aluminum CNC machining parts are widely used in various fields, including aerospace, mechanical engineering, medical and other industries. Aluminum CNC machining technology can process a variety of shapes of parts, including complex, high precision and ultra-thin parts, to meet the different requirements of customers.


In the field of aerospace, for aircraft and some aviation equipment, aluminum CNC machining parts have become an important part to achieve lightweight, high strength and high stability. Aviation parts have very strict material quality requirements. Aluminum CNC processing technology can not only meet the requirements of high strength, precision and high complexity, but also greatly improve production efficiency, and the quality is more stable.
Electronic field

Our life is full of electronic products, so the manufacturing of electronic chips and devices need a lot of metal processing, aluminum CNC machining parts are gradually widely used in the electronic field, such as computer shell, mobile phone metal frame and so on. Aluminum has a high conductivity and can easily transmit electronic signals.


In the automotive industry, aluminum CNC machining parts are widely used in automobile chassis and engine system radiator, turbocharger and other parts. Aluminum CNC machining technology can cut aluminum materials with higher speed and accuracy, and can provide higher quality parts.

Medical equipment

In the field of medical equipment, aluminum CNC machining parts are often used to manufacture surgical instruments and medical equipment, such as artificial joints, wrist orthotics, etc. The advantage of aluminum CNC machining technology is that it can provide high-precision and high-complexity parts, but also can meet the quality standards of medical devices, to meet the standards of medical use.

Military industry

Aluminum CNC machining parts are widely used in the military industry, such as military aircraft, ships, weapons and so on. Military products have very high quality and requirements for parts, so only aluminum CNC machining parts can meet these requirements to ensure the needs of the army.


In the manufacturing industry, aluminum CNC machining is widely used in various machining fields, such as cutting, drilling, grinding, milling and so on. Aluminum CNC machining technology can quickly process a variety of complex materials, and can create a more accurate and efficient production process, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the requirements for products.

aluminum CNC machining services

Aluminum CNC machining parts: Longsheng technology to help you create high quality products

Longsheng Technology is a company focusing on aluminum CNC processing, we provide ISO9001 standard design, production, quality control process, committed to create high quality, high precision aluminum CNC machining parts for customers.

Aluminum CNC machining parts in the modern manufacturing industry has been widely used, its advantages not only include high precision, high reliability, high stability and other aspects of the characteristics, but also good material quality, not easy to deformation, strong processing ability and other advantages, has become the preferred processing method of aluminum profile, aluminum alloy and other materials.

Longsheng technology’s aluminum CNC machining parts services mainly include aluminum profile processing, aluminum plate processing, aluminum bar processing and many other aspects, we master the technical requirements of aluminum CNC machining parts, according to the customer’s drawings and needs, to provide customers with the best quality aluminum CNC machining parts services.

Our aluminum CNC machining parts using advanced processing equipment and technical means, making the processing quality of products more stable and reliable, to meet the various needs of customers.

Longsheng Technology’s aluminum CNC machining parts services not only provide high quality aluminum CNC machining parts, but also in product design, sample production, mold design and other aspects to provide customers with a full range of support and services, to ensure that every customer needs have been met.

If you are looking for high quality aluminum online CNC machining parts service, Longsheng technology must be your first choice. Our vision is to create more high-quality products for customers, to become a leader in the field of aluminum CNC machining industry. If you have any requirements or questions, please feel free to contact us.


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