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Machined parts ship in 3 days, order your metal & plastic parts today. Contact us now

Black Sandblasting & Anodizing Service

This process combines anodizing and sandblasting to give aluminum parts a unique matte, rough or matte black appearance, improving their corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

Black Sandblasting + Anodizing Specifications

Project Info
Applicable materials Aluminium
Anodizing type Type II anodizing and type III anodizing
Thickness 5-25 μm
Colors Black
Texture Matte, rough or matte black
Part masking Indicate masking requirements in technical drawing
Application Automotive, architecture, consumer electronics, aerospace, etc.

Example of Black Sandblasting + Anodizing Parts

black sandblasting anodizing
black sandblasting anodizing detail diagram

About Black Sandblasting Anodizing

Black sandblasting + anodizing is often used to create a sleek, matte black finish on aluminum components.

Sandblasting: Abrasive is used to roughen the aluminum surface to produce a matte or matte appearance.

Anodizing: Forming a protective oxide layer on the aluminum surface to improve corrosion resistance.

Black sandblasted anodizing can be used to achieve durable and aesthetically pleasing black finish metal parts. It is commonly used in industries that require both corrosion resistance and aesthetics, such as the manufacturing of aerospace components, building components, and consumer goods.

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