Machined parts ship in 3 days, order your metal & plastic parts today. Contact us now

Machined parts ship in 3 days, order your metal & plastic parts today. Contact us now


Development History

Founded in 2019 by Mr. Nick Zhang, LS Technology is an expert and professional manufacturer of CNC parts, sheet metal, stamping parts and injection mold.

Being exposed to mechanical engineering since young, Nick majored in mechanical design and manufacturing as well as CNC machining during his university days. Having won the several provincial CNC competitions and graduating with a senior engineering degree, Nick started as a CNC Engineer, working through as a quality manager, all the way to an Operations Director during his first 10 years of work life.

Nick served in companies as small as a dozen staff, eventually working for a public listed organization. Making great achievements along the way, Nick has built many great relationships with figures from the CNC industry in China, to the extend that by helping bringing organizations out of trouble.

The companies which Nick worked for were mass production manufacturers, but due to increasing demand for rapid prototyping and samples. After several consultations with his former chairman, Nick decided to setup LS Technology to accommodate the rising demand of prototyping, high mix low volume orders from the international market.

Mr. Nick ZHANG

LS Co-Founder

At LS we know technology should help you, not get in your way. Our mills and lathes minimize tedious and redundant tasks so your machinists can be more productive and each job can be more profitable.

Push your product to the market

People You Can Count On

We are a team of committed professionals who are focused on our customers’ success. Whether you’re ordering parts, scheduling service, talking to accounting about your bill, getting advice from our applications engineers, or thinking about producing a CNC part, you will be interacting with people who speak your language…we understand that your business is your livelihood…we realize your time is valuable.

The LS Story

LS Technology was established with an engineering team consisting of Nick’s network which he built during his working days. With an average of 10 years of working experience per engineer, LS has the full ability to provide customers with a one-stop solution for any demand.

Born during the toughest of times in human history where Covid-19 was affecting industries around the world. LS Technology was going against the norm, against all sorts of challenges never faced before, and built a solid foundation in manufacturing as well as supply chain to reach new heights year after year under Nick’s leadership and relentless effort to be different from the rest.

In leading such a young organization to make extraordinary achievements, LS strives for the best and intends to provide the best for its customers. ISO 9001 Quality Management, lean production, 6S implementation were all obtained and executed. Further to this, LS has also obtained ISO 14001 for environmental management, IATF 16949 for Automotive Quality Management System to solidify the trust given by customers.

Never giving up, never left behind, being one step ahead of the competition, anticipating the demands of its customers, LS technology strives to be at the forefront of the industry, at the same time building long and lasting business relationship with its customers based on reliability, quality, and trust.

15 Years of Perseverance

Longsheng has ben advancing the metal fabrication industry for more than 10 years.

From the very first sample part all the way to day where we are dedicated to technology innovation which makes manufacturing more efficient and our customers more profitable.

Longsheng company development history

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