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CNC Machining Parts Stick Knife Reasons And Solutions


CNC machining has become a very important machining method in modern manufacturing industry. It guides machine tools to complete machining tasks through computer programs. However, with the increasing popularity of CNC machining, there are also many problems. For example, the parts produced are very accurate and repeatable; CNC machining can produce parts with complex shapes that cannot be completed by manual machining. Numerical control machining technology is now widely promoted; But in practice, there will often be CNC workpiece always stick knife situation, this situation how to solve? Follow Longsheng technology to have a look!

Reasons for CNC machining parts sticking knife

What are the reasons why CNC machining parts always stick to knives? Let’s break it down a little bit.

Reasons for CNC machining parts sticking knife

Inappropriate material

Material hardness, rigidity, plasticity and other characteristics should be the main factors to consider when choosing materials. If the material hardness is too high or poor rigidity, the cutting tool will be subjected to excessive resistance, resulting in the tool stick.

Tool wear is uneven

CNC tool wear will affect the cutting quality and machining efficiency. If the tool wear is uneven, it can lead to cutting ahead in some areas and not cutting enough in others. When these places meet, knife sticking occurs.

Cutting fluid shortage

CNC machining requires the use of cutting fluid for cooling and lubrication, to ensure the quality and safety of machining. If the cutting fluid is insufficient or the quality is not good, it is easy to cause tool friction, resulting in stick.

Slow cutting speed

Many times, people choose to slow down the cutting speed to improve the quality of the cutting surface. Including feed speed, spindle speed, cutting depth, cutting width, cutting fluid, etc. If the cutting conditions are not adequately studied and adjusted, excessive heat can result in cutting, locally melting the material and making the material stick to the tool.

The setting of machining conditions is not reasonable

CNC machining parts, machining conditions (such as speed, feed, depth of cutting, etc.) setting has a crucial impact on the machining effect and tool life. If these parameters are not set reasonably, it is easy to lead to sticking knife when machining parts.

Impurity problem

Even if the correct materials and parameters are used to process the parts, the tool is easy to be blocked by impurities or dirt. This is especially true for small size tools. To avoid this problem, you need to clean your knives regularly and treat them with a professional cleaner.

The path is set improperly

Improper tool path design is also one of the reasons for the phenomenon of sticking knives. If the tool path is too complex or there is a barrier, it will cause the tool to be blocked and unable to cut normally, resulting in the phenomenon of sticking tool.

Improper operation

In the process of CNC machining, the lack of professional operation will also lead to parts stuck. Only professional operators can have enough understanding of CNC machine tools and accessories, to effectively master CNC technology and its excellent characteristics.

CNC machining parts always stick knife reasons are various, need comprehensive consideration in order to find the right solution. In order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of CNC machining, we can make improvements in purchasing tools, adjusting cutting conditions, selecting appropriate materials and perfecting operation processes.

In addition, for the operator, also should learn to master CNC professional technology, improve professionalism and ability. Through strengthening the management and optimization of each link of CNC machining and production, we will be able to better avoid the problem of stuck knife, improve machining quality, ensure production efficiency.

Solve the CNC machining parts stick knife method

Solve the CNC machining parts stick knife method

The following will share several methods to solve the problem of cnc machining parts sticking knife:

First of all, we need to understand the causes of machining parts always stick to the knife. Mainly due to inappropriate material, cutting fluid shortage, unsuitable tools and other reasons. Therefore, we need to take corresponding measures for different reasons.

First, the problem of inappropriate materials

Select appropriate materials and cutting parameters

The main causes of material adhesion are too high temperature and pressure, so we need to choose the right material and cutting parameters. For example, cutting too fast can cause the temperature of the material to rise, so we need to adjust the cutting parameters properly to reduce the cutting speed.

Use cutting fluid

Cutting fluid is an indispensable part of CNC machining, it can effectively reduce the temperature of the material, so as to avoid the material sticking. Therefore, we need to use the cutting fluid properly to keep the material surface lubricated.

Two, the problem of insufficient cutting fluid

Optimized cutting parameters

Generally, the sticking tool in CNC machining is caused by too high cutting parameters. Therefore, we can reduce cutting speed, improve cutting depth and reduce cutting width to optimize the cutting parameters, so as to reduce the phenomenon of sticking.

Adjust the type and amount of cutting fluid

Insufficient cutting fluid can lead to increased friction between the material and the tool, thus making the cut stick. Therefore, we need to properly adjust the type and amount of cutting fluid. For difficult materials, we can use high-end cutting fluid and increase the amount.

Cleaning cutting fluid

After a period of use, cutting fluid will become viscous due to material residue and sediment, reducing the lubrication effect. Therefore, we need to clean the cutting fluid regularly and replace the cutting fluid in time.

Three, the problem of inappropriate tools

Choose the right tools

Tool selection is very important, choosing the wrong tool will cause the tool to stick easily. Therefore, we need to choose the right tools, such as choosing tools with good wear resistance and high temperature resistance.

Coat the tool

Tool coating can effectively reduce cutting temperature and cutting force, thus reducing the possibility of tool sticking. Therefore, we can coat the tool to improve the cutting effect.

Maintain the tool and tool holder

Different tools and tool holder need different maintenance methods, the correct maintenance method can not only prolong the service life of tools and tool holder, but also reduce the occurrence of sticking knife phenomenon. When switching tools, attention should be paid to choosing the appropriate tool holder and tool, and handling in strict accordance with the provisions of the maintenance manual.

Finally, the machining area should be cleaned in time. In the process of machining, the surface of parts may produce chips and cutting powder because of cutting. These impurities will block the tool, leading to the appearance of the tool sticking. Therefore, the machining area should be cleaned regularly to keep the machining area clean and tidy.

To solve the problem of CNC parts always stick knife need to be analyzed according to the specific situation, and take corresponding measures. Proper tool selection, correct use method and control of machining parameters, attention to the characteristics of machining materials and timely cleaning of machining areas are effective ways to prevent the phenomenon of sticking knives. Hope the above method is helpful to you.


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