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How to Avoid Collision Caused by CNC Machining Programming


If CNC machining is the backbone of the manufacturing industry, then CNC machining programming is the backbone of the muscles. This shows the importance of programming, which will affect the efficiency and quality of machining. When something goes wrong and is done completely correctly, then there must be a programming problem. So, how did these errors occur and how did you avoid them?

The following is Longsheng Technology daily precision CNC machining programming problems and avoid methods, for your reference:

CNC machining programming when the cause of the crash

Programming error

In CNC machining programming, programming error is one of the most common and easy to lead to crash.

Workpiece or fixture installation problem

CNC machining requires correct installation of the workpiece and fixture. If the workpiece or fixture is not installed correctly, it can result in an accidental impact on the machine. Therefore, the operator must review and confirm the installation of the workpiece and fixture before machining .

How to Avoid Collision Caused by CNC Machining Programming

Avoid CNC machining programming in the way of collision

It is very important to avoid collisions caused by CNC machining programming. Here are some methods to help you avoid collisions:

1.Review and optimize the machining program: Before conducting CNC machining programming, carefully review the machining program to ensure that all tool paths and workpiece dimensions are correct. Optimize the program to ensure smooth tool paths and minimize unnecessary movement.

2.Use appropriate tool length and diameter: Select the appropriate tool length and diameter to ensure that there is no collision with fixtures, workpieces, or other parts of the machine tool during the machining process.

3.Set reasonable safety clearance: In programming, set a reasonable safety clearance between the tool and the workpiece to ensure that there is sufficient space for the tool to move and avoid collisions with other components.

4.Use simulation software for verification: Before actual machining, use professional CNC simulation software to verify the machining program. Through simulation, it is possible to check for collisions or interferences and make necessary corrections.

5.Regular inspection and maintenance of machine tools: Regularly inspect and maintain CNC machine tools to ensure their normal operation and accurate positioning of various components. Pay special attention to the stability and accuracy of fixtures, workpiece fixing devices, and other components to avoid collisions.

6.Train operators: Provide sufficient training for operators to ensure that they understand the basic principles of CNC programming and safety operating procedures.

7.Remind them to pay attention to the risk of collisions and teach them how to respond and solve collision problems.

8.Backup and save machining programs: Regularly backup and save machining programs to prevent accidental data loss and avoid errors during reprogramming.

We can also through strengthening the training of CNC machining programming, careful inspection and confirmation of CNC programming procedures, strengthen the supervision and management of CNC machining site methods, we can minimize the risk of misoperation, so as to avoid CNC machining crash. Let’s work together to strengthen the safety management of CNC machining, to ensure the quality and efficiency of CNC machining!


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