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Teach You to Improve the Accuracy of Five Axis CNC Machining


In today’s era of industrialization, CNC machining center has become an indispensable tool, especially the five-axis CNC machining center for many processing enterprises has no comparable significance, its machining precision is high, so the processing of the product quality is high can complete a variety of products, easy to use five-axis machining center machining precision will also be affected by other factors, Many operators in the use of five axis CNC machining center often encounter the problem of high accuracy. This is often due to minor errors and improper operation.

Understand the characteristics of five axis CNC machining center

Five-axis CNC machining center is a kind of high-precision equipment, it has the ability of multi-axis processing at the same time, can complete very complex work. At the same time, the precision of the five-axis CNC machining center is also very critical, because it can directly affect the quality and service life of the workpiece. After understanding the characteristics of five axis CNC machining center, we can better improve its accuracy.

Improve 5 axis CNC machining precision skills

When using five-axis CNC machining center, we need to pay attention to the following points:

Location of specimen

In order to effectively improve the accuracy of the five-axis cnc machining center, the position of the specimen can be effectively adjusted. Only the position of the workpiece can be in the precise cutting or processing position, in order to improve the accuracy of the whole processing process of the specimen, there will not be any error or deviation on the processing size, so the positioning of the specimen is very key to improve the precision of the five-axis machining.

Adjust the machine tool

The machine tool is the foundation of the five-axis CNC machining center. Adjusting the machine tool is an important premise to improve the accuracy of the five-axis CNC machining center. When using a five-axis CNC machining center, first check the levelness of the machine tool to ensure that each plane is horizontal. Then, it is necessary to check whether the transmission device of each axis works normally, especially the driving device of the servo motor.

5 axis cnc machining factory

Speed of cutting

Five axis machining center in the process of machining is the cutting speed will also affect the machining accuracy of the whole equipment, and according to different cutting parts to effectively adjust and the tool or cutting parameters used, in the cutting parameters and cutting products to match the performance in precision, The ability to successfully and quickly complete the cutting of different shapes and achieve superior accuracy through the five axis machining center.

Choose the right tools

Choosing the right tool is an important factor to ensure the accuracy of five axis CNC machining center. When choosing tools, we should take into account the material and shape of the workpiece, which can better ensure the machining accuracy.

For different materials and workpieces, choosing the right tool is the key to ensure the accuracy of 5-axis CNC machining center. Here are the key points of tool selection:

1, tool diameter: when selecting the tool, we must pay attention to the diameter of the tool. Tool diameter not only affects machining efficiency, but also affects the precision and surface quality of machining center.

2, edge Angle: when choosing the tool, the edge Angle should be consistent with the workpiece surface Angle. If the cutting Angle does not match the workpiece surface Angle, the cutting efficiency and quality of the cutting surface will be affected.

3, blade length: in the machining depth of the workpiece, the blade length of the tool is particularly important. If the blade is too short, it will cause chip accumulation in the cutting groove, which will affect the finish of the workpiece surface.

Set processing parameters reasonably

Reasonable setting of machining parameters is also an important factor to improve the accuracy of five-axis CNC machining center. When setting machining parameters, according to the specific workpiece material and shape to determine the cutting speed, feed, cutting depth and other parameters in the process of machining. At the same time also pay attention to maintain the rigidity of the machine tool, avoid excessive vibration and impact in the process of processing.

Rational programming

Reasonable programming is also an important factor to improve the accuracy of five axis CNC machining center. In the programming process, we should pay attention to the reasonable setting of the path and Angle of the tool, as far as possible to reduce the moving distance and time of the tool, so as to improve the processing efficiency and accuracy.

Servo system

The servo system of the five-axis cnc machining center will directly affect the precision performance of the machining operation. The precision of the CNC equipment includes the position accuracy and the repeated positioning accuracy, etc., only the servo system and the relevant detection system have good comprehensive response ability to make the precision performance is good, there will not be a gap in the positioning accuracy and can make the five-axis machining center can not be interfered by the system.

Strengthen maintenance

Strengthening maintenance is an important guarantee to ensure the accuracy of five axis CNC machining center. It is necessary to overhaul and maintain the machine tool regularly, especially to clean and maintain the transmission device, servo motor, tool store and other parts. At the same time, but also according to the use of the timely replacement of wearing parts, to ensure the stability and accuracy in the process of processing.

The following are some aspects of maintenance:
1, regular lubrication: normal lubrication can extend the life of five axis CNC machining center. Lubricating oil should be added before the machine runs. Compound lubricating oil is the first choice of processing center.

  1. Regular cleaning: The equipment needs to be cleaned regularly, especially in the place where the processing dust is easy to accumulate, it must be strengthened.
  2. Equipment maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of the machine can help to catch machine failures in time, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment

Operation procedure

Whether 5 axis CNC machining center beginners, or senior operators, in the operation process to ensure standardization and standardization. Here’s how:

Step 1: Check whether the machining center is in good running condition. Turn off all non-essential equipment, including water and hand drills, which will help reduce vibration.

Step 2: Ensure that the machining center bed surface and workpiece holder (such as hand clamp, retainer) clean.

Step 3: Check the balance of the gripper to ensure that the workpiece is not tilted when placed.

Step 4: Check the cutting oil circuit to ensure that the cutting oil is clean and free of impurities. Also, make sure the oil is sufficient to keep the cutting tool cool during machining.

Step 5: Determine the initial position of the workpiece. Make sure the X, Y, and Z coordinates are correct and select the right tools.

Step 6: After finishing, stop the operation of the polisher and other equipment. Ensure the machining center and auxiliary equipment are clean.

The accuracy of five-axis CNC machining center is often affected by many factors. To improve the machining accuracy, we need to start from many aspects. In the actual operation, the reasonable adjustment of machine tools, the selection of appropriate tools, the reasonable setting of machining parameters, reasonable programming and other technical measures can not be ignored, while strengthening the maintenance is also a necessary condition to ensure the machining accuracy.

It can be seen that in order to improve the accuracy of five-axis cnc machining manufacturer, we also need to adjust from many aspects. As we all know, product processing accuracy is an important factor in quality performance, so we should understand the five-axis processing manufacturer which is good and buy equipment through reliable manufacturers, in order to ensure that the precision of equipment in processing is superior and play an important role in the long-term processing of enterprises. At the same time, enterprises can also effectively adjust or improve the processing accuracy of the five-axis machining center through the above factors, to create better machining conditions for the processing of enterprises.


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