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CNC precision parts processing matters needing attention


CNC precision parts processing matters needing attention
(1) when the workpiece is too high, it should be layered with different lengths of the knife to open the rough, the use of a large knife to open the rough, should then use a knife to remove the remaining material.
(2) The flat knife is used to process the plane, and the ball knife is used less so as to reduce the processing time; If there is a slope, and it is an integer, use a slope knife.
(3) Set tolerances reasonably, so that the machining accuracy and computer accounting time balance each other, do more procedures, reduce the empty tool time.
(4) high hardness of blank data, select the inverse milling; Blank data low hardness, select milling. Rough milling and fine milling.
(5) Tool data good tolerance, low hardness, accustomed to rough machining, tool data poor tolerance, high hardness, accustomed to finishing.

CNC precision parts processing matters needing attention
CNC precision parts processing matters needing attention

Numerical control processing technology

(1) parts clamping method and fixture selection

CNC machine tool processing is processed parts of the clamping method should also be reasonable selection of positioning datum and clamping plan, in the fine datum selection, generally comply with the “benchmark consistent” and “benchmark coincidence” these two criteria, in addition to these two criteria, we also consider:

a. As far as possible, the processing of all surfaces should be completed in one positioning clamping. Therefore, positioning methods should be selected to facilitate the processing of all surfaces.

b. When the workpiece is once clamped, it should be able to complete the processing of all the appearance of the workpiece.

c. Determine the position of the workpiece on the operating platform, should take into account the processing of each station, the length of the tool and the stiffness of the tool on the processing quality.

d. The fixture used in the control processing should be selected as far as possible by the assembly of general components, and can be adjusted to shorten the production preparation cycle.

(2) Organization of processing order

When organizing the processing order, we must abide by the basic principles, including “face first before hole”, “rough first before fine”, etc. In addition to these basic principles, we should also follow the following principles:

a. Machining according to the tool assembly process to prevent repeated use of the same tool and reduce the number and time of tool change.

b. The hole system with high coaxiality requirements should be processed after the completion of the processing of the hole system after a positioning, and then the hole system of other coordinate positions can be processed, so as to eliminate the error of repeated positioning and improve the coaxiality of the hole system.

c. Select and determine the good knife point and the tool point. Once it is determined, it should not be replaced.

Out of the above points, there are a lot of matters that we often need to pay attention to, the system should pay attention to, the machine should pay attention to maintenance, in fact, most of the time, the machine will be broken, to a large extent and the user’s improper operation, irregular maintenance of the machine, do not pay attention to check the machine before the boot, do not warm up, some companies due to bad environment, the machine in the dark and damp for a long time, Dust all over the air, oil pollution and corrosion of various other chemical liquids, as well as production personnel arbitrarily move the machine, are easy to lead to machine problems, in fact, if the timely treatment of these problems, then our machine service life will be much longer, the processing accuracy and performance of the machine will be as new for a long time, the loss will be greatly reduced, the replacement frequency of parts reduced, Save a lot of time and cost

If there is any abnormal phenomenon in the operation process, please contact cnc processing manufacturers in time to avoid unnecessary losses.

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