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Mold CNC processing must pay attention to the problem


Precautions for copper processing

(1) The order of the cutting path of copper male processing: rough cutting path of flat cutter surface grooving (or rough cutting path of flat cutter contour milling tool)

— ball cutter parallel milling cutter path surface light cutter

— Side light knife with the shape of ball knife

— plain cutter profile milling cutter calibration datum light cutter.

② The processing allowance is 0.2 — 0.5 when the rough is opened.

The tolerance of the light cutter is 0.005– 0.02,

Step distance is 0.05– 0.3,

Machining allowance is -0.1MM-0.3MM

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Mold CNC processing must pay attention to the problem

Front die processing precautions

(1) Knife path sequence: cutter surface grooving cutter path open thick, knife contour cutter path open thick, cutter (ball knife) parallel milling cutter path parallel milling knife path light knife. In front mold manufacturing, there is usually a matching copper male, which is based on a rough cutting path and supplemented by a local curved light knife.

(2) With parting surface and pillow surface, to add time together, parting surface pillow surface processing in place, do not leave a margin, cavity parts leave a margin of 0.2—-0.5, in order to spark. If there are only young males, the allowance can be 0.3. Coarse young male are sometimes, can leave a margin of 0.5. The front die can leave a margin of 0.1 for the front and rear die matching.

③ Use a large diameter round nose knife (knife handle) when opening thick, the diameter of the tool is too small, easy to break the knife and spring the knife. In the knife also try to use.

(4) The tool path range in surface machining is calculated by the moving path of tool center axis, that is, the actual machining area is one tool radius larger than the single side of the selected tool path range limit frame, so the parameters of the tool path range limit frame should be set reasonably. Avoid processing scope beyond the actual processing needs.

⑤ The front die material is hard, before processing to carefully check, reduce errors, can not easily burn welding!

Mold CNC processing must pay attention to the problem
Mold CNC processing must pay attention to the problem

Note after mold processing

(1) After die path sequence: large cutter surface grooving path open thick, knife limit range curved surface grooving open thick, clear Angle, large knife (ball knife) parallel milling path smooth surface, knife (ball knife) parallel milling path limit range clear Angle, light knife, flat knife and other high profile knife path clear Angle.

② The material used in the rear mold is the same as that in the front mold. Try to use the round nose knife (knife handle) for processing.

CNC processing precautions

A. Mold and product fit tolerance

(1) The coordination and positioning of the upper and lower shells are ensured by the stop mouth. The tolerance of the concave stop mouth and the convex stop mouth is generally 0.1 on one side

Usually the shell of large body accessories (such as transparent mirror) shape is smaller than the size of the large body unilateral 0.1-0.2

③ The shape of the movable accessories (such as buttons) on the big body is 0.1-0.5 smaller than the shape of the big body

④ If the surface shape of the accessory is consistent with the surface shape of the large body, it can be trimmed from the corresponding position on the surface of the large body.

B. Choice of cutting point

When writing the knife path, can be in the specified arbitrary height and position under the knife, the first knife at the beginning of processing, the amount of knife is often relatively large, easy to cause broken knife, knife, then can be the next knife position open thick or the first layer of the knife walk empty knife, as far as possible in the material outside the knife, this problem must be noticed.

C. Grab a knife, flick a knife, drop a knife

The feed amount is large, the tool clamping length is too long, the tool diameter hour often occurs this kind of phenomenon.

When the corner radius and the tool radius are the same, the shape size is easy to be inaccurate. It is called grab knife ——. You can use a small diameter knife to clear the Angle, and then change the large knife light side solution. When the depth is low, it can be processed in layers.

D. Overcut inspection

Overcutting is a frequent problem and should be paid special attention to. The solution is to simulate the knife path again, and check repeatedly in various azimuth angles. The knife path without inspection is not allowed to be processed. When contour milling, improper selection of lower cutting point will appear over cutting, can be avoided by changing the lower cutting point.

E. Computer gong processing single content

Mold CNC processing must pay attention to the problem
Mold CNC processing must pay attention to the problem

In order to facilitate communication with the operator, the process sheet (program sheet) shall include:

① Name of the NC program

② Tool type

③ tool diameter

Tool clamping length

⑤ processing allowance

⑥ Knife path type (open thick or light knife)

⑦ Original graphics file name (e.g. cnc1c:mc9acb01s.mc9)

⑧ there are special processing requirements to attach schematic illustration

F. Tool clamping length

It refers to the length of the tool left outside the tool chuck after clamping with the chuck, and it is installed as short as possible to improve the rigidity under the condition of ensuring no collision.

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