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How much does 3D printing cost calculator for 1 hour?


3D printing, often known as additive manufacturing, is a course of of making three-dimensional objects from a digital file. As this know-how turns into extra accessible, you will need to perceive the prices concerned in 3D printing, notably for these seeking to make the most of these companies in China. This report offers an summary of the elements that contribute to the price of 3D printing for one hour and gives a sensible instance primarily based on the present Chinese language market.

Elements Influencing 3D Printing Prices

Materials and Manufacturing Prices3D Printing materials

The price of supplies is a major factor of 3D printing bills. In China, the fee per gram for supplies like SLA begins from $0.25, and SLS (PA) is $0.45. The full materials value for a print job will be calculated by figuring out the burden of the half utilizing 3D CAD knowledge, multiplying it by the fabric density, after which by the fee per gram. Moreover, the kind of 3D printing know-how used impacts the fee, with FDM being the most cost effective and SLS the most costly.

Materials value = filament worth / filament weight (g) * mannequin weight (g)

Design and Submit-Processing

Design and Submit-Processing

Design prices will be substantial, particularly if the design part is prolonged. For instance, the full design prices for a bracket, together with labor and software program, can attain $10,232. Submit-processing, which can embrace sprucing and electroplating, additionally contributes to the general value .

Labor and Operational Prices

Labor prices, together with the time spent on setup, design, and post-processing, should be factored into the full expense. Operational prices, comparable to electrical energy and printer upkeep, are additionally vital issues .

The worth for human labor can, in lots of circumstances, attain dozens of USD, particularly in circumstances when one thing fully new must be designed. Even a comparatively easy technical half can take a number of hours to attract, which will increase the value dramatically.

3D printer operation prices = Printer worth / required funding return time (h) * print time (h)

Electrical energy value = negligible

How much does 3D printing cost?

Size and Complexity of the PrintThe bigger the size of an object, the more materials you need to get it done, which increases the cost. However, a smaller item can cost more if it has a higher infill density, which makes the object stronger and heavier.
3D Printing Technology UsedThe type of 3D printing technology used significantly impacts the cost. FDM 3D printers are generally cheaper, while SLS 3D printers are more expensive.
Material and Filament QualityThe type and quality of the material or filament used can affect the cost. Lower-quality materials may reduce the cost, but the finished product may not be as accurate.
Layer HeightLayer height is the measure of each layer of a 3D printed part. A thinner layer height can improve the surface quality and definition of the part, but can create a higher cost.
Machine CapacityMachine capacity refers to the material used to 3D print the part and the time needed to produce it. The physical size of the 3D printer and how efficiently the parts to be produced can be packed onto the printing platform can affect the cost.
Number of Pieces PrintedThe more pieces printed, the higher the total price. However, the average price of a single unit decreases with more pieces printed.
Wall ThicknessWall thickness affects the minimum layer height for your part which, in turn, affects the price. Thinner walls can lower the build time and therefore lower costs, but too thin could mean flimsy features, holes, gaps, and missing pieces.
Support MaterialThe amount of support material on your design can also affect the price. Optimizing your design with self-supporting angles uses less support material and can help reduce material expenses.
Turnaround TimeIf the project needs to be completed quickly, additional costs may be incurred.
Maintenance and Overhead CostsExpensive 3D machines have lower maintenance costs and have good longevity. Overhead costs such as labor, post-processing, and the cost of the 3D printer itself also contribute to the overall cost.

Calculating the Price of 3D Printing in China

Utilizing On-line Calculators

On-line calculators can present a fast estimate of 3D printing prices. These instruments permit customers to enter parameters comparable to materials sort, filament weight, printing time, and electrical energy prices. For instance, the 3D Printing Price Calculator from considers numerous materials sorts and permits customers to set a markup proportion for revenue .

3D Printing Cost Calculator 3D Printing Cost Calculator

Guide Calculation

To manually calculate the fee, one should take into account the fabric value, labor, energy consumption, and extra bills . The full value is influenced by elements comparable to the dimensions and complexity of the print, the kind of printer, and the standard desired.

Sensible Instance

Let’s take into account a sensible instance in China. Suppose a enterprise is utilizing an FDM printer to create a standard-sized object with a print time of 1 hour. The fabric used is PLA, which prices ¥120 per kilogram, and the article weighs 50 grams. The printer’s energy consumption is 200 Watts, and the electrical energy value is ¥0.5 per kWh. The enterprise fees ¥50 per hour for labor and applies a ten% markup for revenue.

  1. Materials Price: (50g / 1000g) * $120 = $6
  2. Electrical energy Price: (200W / 1000) * 1 hour * $0.5 = $0.1
  3. Labor Price: 1 hour * $50 = $50
  4. Complete Price Earlier than Markup: $6 + $0.1 + $50 = $56.1

Due to this fact, the estimated value for 3D printing for one hour can be roughly ¥56.1


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3D Print Price



The price of 3D printing for one hour in China depends upon a wide range of elements, together with materials prices, know-how used, labor, electrical energy, and extra bills. By utilizing on-line calculators or handbook calculations, companies can estimate these prices to make sure correct pricing and profitability. It is vital to contemplate all elements and to use an applicable markup to attain a sustainable enterprise mannequin. This report offers a framework for understanding and calculating the prices related to 3D printing in China, providing a sensible instance to information companies and people within the trade.


Is 3D printing value environment friendly?

Sure,3D printing will be cost-effective for numerous purposes. It gives benefits comparable to the flexibility to provide complicated designs, sooner prototyping, and the elimination of the necessity for giant stock areas. This could result in value financial savings, particularly in prototyping and small-batch manufacturing. Nevertheless, the cost-effectiveness of 3D printing depends upon elements comparable to the dimensions and complexity of the merchandise being printed, the kind of materials used, and the precise 3D printing know-how employed. For prototyping and customised objects, 3D printing is usually probably the most cost-effective possibility, permitting for fast design modifications and environment friendly manufacturing cycles. Nonetheless, it is vital to contemplate all of the elements concerned to find out whether or not it is probably the most cost-effective possibility for a particular challenge.

What’s the most costly a part of 3D printing?

The costliest a part of 3D printing can range primarily based on a number of elements. Nevertheless, one vital value consideration is the preliminary funding in high-end 3D printers. Some industrial-grade 3D printers can value greater than $500,000, with specialised fashions designed for large-scale manufacturing or printing with superior supplies comparable to titanium. Moreover, the dimensions and complexity of the printed objects can even contribute to the general value, particularly when utilizing high-end 3D printing applied sciences with massive construct volumes or a number of lasers. Moreover, the continued prices of supplies, upkeep, and power consumption may also be vital elements within the total expense of 3D printing. Due to this fact, whereas the preliminary funding in superior 3D printing tools is a significant value consideration, ongoing operational bills and materials prices additionally play an important position within the total expense of 3D printing.

Does it value loads to 3D print?

The price of 3D printing can range primarily based on a number of elements, together with the complexity, dimension, and intricacy of the 3D print. Whereas low-complexity, small 3D prints could solely value round $0.50 to provide, high-complexity, bigger 3D prints may cost a little round $400. Moreover, the fee will be affected by the general time it takes to make a 3D print from begin to end. Elements comparable to materials prices, electrical energy, 3D printer prices, and upkeep bills additionally contribute to the general value of 3D printing. Due to this fact, whereas 3D printing can provide cost-effective options for sure purposes, it is vital to contemplate all of the elements concerned to find out the general value.


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