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How Much Does it Cost of Precision Parts Machining Service In China vs USA?


CNC machining is a key process in many industries and can produce high-precision parts accurately and efficiently. However, not the same in all countries. The efficiency and accuracy of CNC machining plays a crucial role in determining the overall quality of the manufactured parts. The cost of parts machining services in China and the US is a key consideration for companies aiming to balance quality, efficiency and budget constraints. Understanding the complexity of these costs is essential for businesses seeking the best manufacturing solutions.
This article studies the comparative analysis of the cost of precision parts machining services in China and the United States to help you make the right decisions, and tell you some tips to reduce the cost of precision parts machining services in China.

CNC milling machine parts

Brief introduction of precision CNC machining


Precision CNC machining refers to the CNC machine tool, through the pre-programmed instruction, high precision, high efficiency, high quality processing process.


characteristic characteristic
High precision CNC precision machining can obtain very accurate dimensional tolerances, usually around 0.005-0.01mm.
High adaptability when processing new workpieces on CNC machine tools, you only need to recompile the processing program of new workpieces, and you can realize the processing of new workpieces, especially suitable for single piece, small batch and trial production of new products.
High efficiency CNC machine tool can effectively reduce the mobility time and auxiliary time, improve the production efficiency.
Low labor intensity the work of CNC equipment is completed automatically and continuously, reducing the demand for manual operation.
Good economic benefits although the equipment is expensive, it reduces the rejection rate, reduces other costs, and reduces the overall cost.

Application area

Precision CNC machining has been widely used in the high-end manufacturing industry, including automobile manufacturing, aerospace industry and other fields. It can meet the industry requirements of high precision and quality of parts.

Precision parts machining service cost influencing factors

The cost of precision parts machining service is affected by many factors. The following are the main influencing factors and their related instructions:

1.Material cost

The price of different materials varies greatly, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, the price varies from low to high. Precious metals and special alloys are more expensive, such as titanium alloys that are the most expensive and difficult to process. When selecting materials, the functional requirements of the parts and the cost of the material should be considered comprehensively.

2.Machining time

The longer the processing time, the higher the price. machining time is often one of the main cost reasons of CNC machining. Complex parts design requires more programming time and more complex processing process, thus will increase the processing time.

3.Machining complexity

The geometry, detail, and precision requirements of the parts can all affect the machining cost. Complex parts design may require multiple clamping and positioning, increasing machining time and labor costs. Complex parts may also require the use of high-end five-axis linkage CNC machine tools, which cost more than three-axis machine tools.


machining quantity is also a key factor in determining the cost. The single piece cost of mass production is lower than that of small batch production.Mass production can spread the fixed costs of programming, setting up, and debugging.

5.Labour cost

CNC machining requires skilled operators to program, operate, and maintain the machine. Labor costs depend on the location, experience, and qualifications of the operator. The complexity of parts also affects the time taken to program, set up and process, thus affecting labor costs.

6.Cost of processing equipment

Different CNC machine tools and cutting tools can affect the machining cost. Specific tools may require customization or special treatment, which also increases costs. Tool wear and replacement frequency are also factors to be considered.

7.Other factor

  • Operating costs: including utilities, facility rental, and maintenance costs.
  • Especially for large or heavy parts, logistics and transportation costs are also factors to be considered.
working principle

Precision parts machining service cost in China

China’s rapid industrialization and emphasis on the manufacturing industry make it the dominant player in the CNC machining market. The country’s rich resources, skilled labor force and government policies make it competitive in the global market.

Material Costs

  • Raw Materials: China’s vast mineral resources and efficient supply chains often mean lower prices for raw materials. The nation’s ability to produce and source materials like steel, aluminum, and titanium locally reduces costs.
  • Imported Materials: For specialized materials not available domestically, China has established trade relationships that ensure competitive pricing, although this might slightly increase the cost.

Labor costs

One of the key factors of CNC machining competitiveness in China is the relatively low labor cost. Skilled and semi-skilled labor price is highly competitive, making the production process of CNC machining more cost-effective.

Equipment maintenance costs

Investment in cutting-edge CNC machine tools and efficient maintenance practices further enhance China’s cost advantage. Continuous modernization of machinery and cost-effective maintenance help to simplify production processes and improve the overall efficiency of the industry.

Other costs

  • Operating costs: including utilities, facility rental, and maintenance costs. These costs remain competitive given China’s infrastructure and lower utilities.
  • Transportation and logistics: For international customers, transportation may be a large cost. Factors include modes of transport (air, sea, rail), distance, and import and export duties.
Common processing parts diagrams

Cost of precision parts machining services in the USA

The USA’s CNC machining landscape is characterized by high-tech equipment, skilled labor, and stringent quality standards. The nation’s historical emphasis on innovation and quality has positioned it as a leader in precision CNC tasks.

Material Costs

  • Raw Materials: The USA, while having access to raw materials, often has higher costs due to stringent mining regulations and environmental considerations.
  • Imported Materials: Importing specialized materials can further increase costs due to tariffs and trade policies.

Labor costs

Labor costs in the USA are typically higher than in countries like China. However, the skilled workforce in the American CNC machining industry is renowned for its expertise, innovation, and adherence to strict quality standards, contributing to the production of precision components.

Equipment maintenance costs

The USA maintains a technological edge in CNC machined parts with state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous maintenance practices. While initial investment and maintenance costs may be higher, the advanced machinery ensures precision, efficiency, and the ability to handle complex projects, contributing to the industry’s reputation for high-quality output.

Other costs

Operational Costs: Facility rents, especially in industrial hubs, can be high. Utility costs, maintenance, and regulatory compliance further add to the operational expenses.

China vS USA Cost Comparison

In the realm of CNC machining, the comparative analysis of costs between China and the USA is paramount for businesses navigating global manufacturing landscapes.

Raw Material $ (Variable) $ (Variable)
Imported Material $ (Variable) $ (Variable)
Skilled Labor $7.14/hr For $20- $50/hr
Indirect Labor $4.31/hr For $20- $40/hr
Local Equipment $10/hr (avg.) $85/hr (avg.)
Imported Equipment $15/hr (avg.) $110/hr (avg.)
Operational Costs $ (Variable) $ (Variable)
Please note that the above data are only approximate estimates and do not represent the actual wage and equipment cost levels of all labor force. For more accurate data, please refer to the relevant industry reports and statistics.

How much does CNC machining cost per hour?

Common Value Degree in China’s CNC Machining Service Business: In China, the value of CNC machining providers can fluctuate as a result of a variety of things corresponding to the dimensions of the machining firm, the sophistication of the gear, the fabric being machined, and the complexity of the product. In lots of circumstances, pricing is often calculated on an hourly foundation. Relying on totally different wants and situations, the hourly value ranges roughly from 10 to 30 US {dollars}.

Reference Costs for Totally different Varieties of CNC Machining Companies: Several types of CNC machining require several types of gear and expertise, so their costs fluctuate. For instance:

  1. 3-Axis CNC Milling: This can be a frequent kind of CNC machining, primarily used for machining easy parts and merchandise. As a result of the expertise and gear are comparatively frequent, the value is comparatively decrease, roughly 10-20 {dollars} per hour.
  2. 5-Axis CNC Milling: This can be a extra advanced machining technique that may process advanced three-dimensional shapes. As a result of it requires extra superior gear and expertise, the value is greater, roughly 20-30 {dollars} per hour.
  3. CNC Turning: This machining technique is principally used for machining shafts and cylindrical parts, with an hourly value of roughly 15-25 {dollars}.
  4. CNC Grinding: This can be a high-precision machining technique, primarily used to enhance the floor high quality and dimensional accuracy of parts, with an hourly value of roughly 20-30 {dollars}.
 five-axis machine tool

Tips to reduce the cost of CNC machining parts

Optimize material selection

consider the use of cost-effective materials, such as aluminum, compared to precious metals such as titanium alloy. Choose the materials reasonably according to the functional requirements of the parts to avoid unnecessary material waste.

Simplify part design

reduce the complexity and precision of parts, complex geometry and internal structure will increase the processing time and cost. Use standard parts and general parts as much as possible to reduce the number of customized parts.

Improve machining efficiency

the selection of appropriate CNC machine tools and control system, such as high-end five-axis linkage CNC machine tools, although the cost is high, but can improve the machining efficiency and accuracy. Optimize the processing scheme, reduce the cutting times and processing time, such as through reasonable tool path selection, tool optimization and cutting parameter adjustment.

Improve the utilization rate of machine tools

make full use of the automation characteristics of CNC machining machine tools, write efficient processing procedures and processes, and reduce downtime. Maintain and maintain the machine regularly to ensure the machine is in optimal working condition.

Strengthen staff training

provide training on CNC machining principle, programming method, cutting process and safe operation to improve the skills of employees. Encourage employees to participate in process improvement and innovation to improve processing quality and efficiency.

Optimize material management

reasonably plan the material inventory and supply to avoid material shortage and waste in the production process. Advanced material management system, such as ERP system, is adopted to realize the real-time sharing and monitoring of material information.

Reduce labor cost

reduce labor intervention and reduce labor cost by improving the degree of automation and technical level. Reasonable arrangement of production plan, avoid overtime and rush, to ensure the work efficiency and quality of employees.

Mass production

to achieve mass production as much as possible, through mass procurement and processing to reduce the unit cost. Under the premise of ensuring the quality, appropriately increase the production batch and reduce the production cost.

CNC Precision Parts Machining

Advantages of Chinese precision parts machining service

In recent years, CNC machining services in China have been widely popular because of their many advantages. Next, we will discuss the reasons why choosing CNC machining service in China is the right choice for your business.China precision parts machining service has the following advantages:

Cost advantage

China is known for its highly competitive price, and that advantage is gradually extending to manufacturing. By selecting CNC machining services in China, you can significantly reduce production costs without compromising quality. This is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses with limited budgets.

Talent advantage

China has a large number of skilled and experienced CNC mechanics who are proficient in the latest techniques and skills. These professionals are able to produce high-quality precision parts with extremely high precision and efficiency. By outsourcing your CNC machining needs to China, you can leverage this huge talent pool and benefit from their expertise.

Manufacturing capability advantage

Whether you need milling, turning, drilling or any other process, you can find the right service provider in China. This versatility allows you to obtain all your processing requirements from a single vendor, saving you time and effort in managing multiple vendors.

Fast turnaround time

With its advanced machinery and streamlined processes, Chinese manufacturers can deliver your orders within pressing periods. This is critical for companies operating in industries with high demand and a short product life cycle. By selecting CNC machining services in China, you can ensure that your products quickly enter the market and thus gain a competitive advantage.

To sum up, the advantages of China’s precision parts processing services are reflected in the cost, talent, manufacturing capacity, quality, customized services and other aspects. These advantages make China’s precision parts processing services have a strong competitiveness in the global market.

Choose China precision parts machining services precautions

When selecting China precision parts machining service, in order to ensure high quality, efficient and satisfying machining service, note the following key matters:

machining capacity and technical level

  1. Technical strength: to confirm whether the machining service providers have advanced machining technology and equipment, such as CNC machine tools, five-axis machining machine tools, etc. These technologies and equipment are the basis for ensuring high precision and high quality machining.
  2. Processing scope: understand the type of materials, parts size and complexity that the machining service provider can handle, to ensure that the service provider can meet the specific needs of the project.

Production efficiency and delivery time

  1. Machining cycle: understand the production capacity and machining cycle of machining service providers to ensure the delivery of products on time.
  2. Emergency order machining capacity: ask the service provider whether it can handle emergency orders and understand its response measures to deal with possible emergencies.

Quality control and assurance

  1. Quality management system: ask whether the machining service provider has a perfect quality management system, such as ISO 9001 certification, to ensure that the quality of the processing process is controllable.
  2. Testing equipment: to understand whether the service provider has advanced testing equipment, such as three-coordinate measuring machine, optical microscope, etc., to ensure the accuracy and stability of machining accuracy.

Cost and price

  1. Cost control: ask the service provider if there are effective cost control measures to ensure that the machining cost is reduced under the premise of ensuring the quality.
  2. Price rationality: compare the prices of different service providers, and choose the service providers with high cost-effective performance for cooperation.

Service level and after-sales support

  1. Customer service: understand the customer service level and response speed of the service provider, so as to get timely help and support when needed.
  2. After-sales service: to confirm whether the service provider provides after-sales service, such as technical support, maintenance service, etc., to ensure that the product is guaranteed in the use process.
Precision car cutting

The Reason For Choosing Longsheng

whether you’re in need of CNC machining services for prototyping, production, or rework, we’re here to help. With our expertise and industry-leading technology, we can provide you with the highest quality online cnc parts and the best possible CNC machining service. 

  • Multi Material Machining:We have the ability to handle multiple materials, and we can provide professional solutions no matter what material of cnc parts you need to process.
  • Customized Services:Provide customized solutions based on customer design requirements and specifications to ensure that CNC parts meet their unique needs.
  • Competitive Pricing:We provide competitive prices and cost-effective solutions to ensure that customers gain the greatest advantage in cost control.
  • Rapid Delivery:We have efficient production processes and flexible production plans, which enable us to timely deliver customer orders and meet urgent project needs.

Longsheng ensures the quality of your CNC machined parts with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 9001:14001 and IATF16949 certified quality management systems.With advanced 4 and 5-axis CNC machining centers. Our precision CNC machining provide rapid prototyping, small batch machining and high volume production. Unparalleled capacity ensures your CNC parts are shipped on time every time, request an online quote now to have your CNC parts machining in as little as 3 days!


When selecting high-precision parts machining services in China or the United States, you need to find an appropriate balance between cost effectiveness and product quality based on your specific project requirements. The American precision parts processing plant provides high-quality products, while the Chinese precision parts processing plant can meet the customers’ demand for higher product quality and better performance. China’s precision parts machining plants have an attractive cost advantage, which makes it a viable option for a project with a limited budget and short delivery times. In many factories in China, the precision parts processing industry is developing rapidly. On another perspective, precision parts manufacturing plants in the United States are well in precision, expertise and strict quality management. In many cases, these factors determine whether Chinese precision parts processing plants can successfully bring their products into the US market. Working with a US precision parts factory is a smart decision for projects that require high quality, protected intellectual property, and meet certification standards.

At our factory specializing in the precision parts process, we deeply understand our customers’ specific needs and provide them with tailored solutions to achieve optimal processing results. Precision parts processing is a complex and meticulous work, we need to carefully consider and arrange every detail, in order to ensure that the product has good quality and performance. Whether you are pursuing a Chinese cost advantage in precision parts processing, or seeking an American advantage in precision parts processing accuracy and expertise, we have the ability to meet your needs. Our products cover a variety of sophisticated parts needed in many industries, from auto parts to aircraft parts. Our team focuses on providing you with top precision parts manufacturing services designed to take your project to a higher level.

Contact us quickly to explore your processing requirements for custom precision parts and strive to achieve the ideal balance between quality, cost and efficiency for your business.


Which country is the most suitable country for precision parts machining services?

Identifying the best country for precision parts machining services depends on the project requirements. China is often favored for its cost-effectiveness, while the US is known for its precision and technical expertise. The ideal choice depends on balancing factors like cost, quality, delivery time and transportation considerations. Assessing these aspects ensures that tailored decisions are made to specific project needs.

How much cheaper is the precision parts machining services in China than in the US?

Precision parts machining services are usually much cheaper in China than in the United States, mainly because of lower labor and material costs. Although the cost differences vary according to factors such as project complexity and technical requirements, enterprises can usually save a lot of cost by choosing to process precision parts in China. It is essential to perform a detailed cost analysis to identify the specific strengths of each unique item.

How CNC machines can be used for precision manufacturing?

Numerical control machine tools play an important role in precision manufacturing through their high-precision processing, diversified processing capacity, flexible processing adaptability, high efficiency and stability, and a wide range of application fields. With the continuous progress of science and technology and the development of manufacturing industry, CNC machine tools will continue to play a more important role in the field of precision manufacturing.


Development Trend of NC Machining Accuracy Control Technology for Aeronautical Structural Parts


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